Darren Anderson

Commercial Sales & Leasing Specialist

Darren has earned a preferred status with many of his past clients and will often have prime investment buildings listed before other agencies.


If you are making important decisions about your business or your property direction for 2020 and want an experiences ear, then please call me.

My father always said "there are people who make it happen, people who watch it happen, and those people who wonder what happened."

I am fortunate that I have been in Commercial Real Estate for more than thirty years having started in March 1989. As a new agent many of the predicaments the people I was dealing with made no sense. Why had you signed that ten year lease? I didn’t know the back ground to many of the decisions people had made, the environment before 1987-1988.

During the GFC of the 2008 it was very different. Many of the people struggling were business people and property people who I have known for twenty years. It felt very different indeed. Having watched these clients work hard to build their wealth over many years to see them now struggling to keep afloat. The survival stories of this time are epic and educational. Many of us had much to learn and learn quickly we did.

The one thing I have learned is that a crisis requires action. If you want to stay in charge of your own ship you need to have a plan, a response, a direction, a result, a goal.

2020 will be a half glass full year for many. If the economy is down by 10%-20% then focus on 80%-90%. Business people and investors who find themselves well placed will have opportunities to improve their positions. Moving to more suitable buildings, better locations, creating competitive advantages for their business which will set them up for the nest ten to fifteen years far beyond the next eighteen months.

The other thing I have learned is that you must maximize each and every opportunity in a recessionary market. Service, Service, Service.

There are many reasons why Hamilton was set to thrive in 2019 and these reasons still exist. I believe that Hamilton (the greater Waikato) and Auckland will be the key locations that will lead New Zealand to recovery.

If you are making important decisions about your business or your property direction for 2020 and want an experiences ear, then please call me.

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